Professional Course 2 Advanced Makeup Modules

This course is designed for individuals who are Level 1 Certified.  If you have not undergone Level 1, you cannot take these advanced courses unless equivalency examination is passed.


Professional Course 2:  Module 3 Studio Makeup Course


Makeup For Film And Television


To describe the film and television industry in one word? Demanding! We at MUD will prepare you for this unique experience. In Studio Makeup Course, we guide you through the world of High Definition cameras and what is required to adapt the makeup for different scenarios, from film to television sets. Learn what is demanded from you behind the scenes and how to create different characters.


HD Unit: Some people compare High Definition with the revolutionary transition from black and white to color. It's magic! It's hard! It takes special talent! In this makeup course, you will learn all the techniques needed to deal with the ever evolving HD technology.


Film Unit: Directors strive to make the movie as realistic as possible for the viewer. Makeup artists play a key role in this process. Learn how to create different characters with a stroke of a brush. Learn how to customize and create a character based on a screenplay.


Studio Makeup Highlights: Film and TV Makeup Theory, TV Character Makeup Application, Film Character Makeup Application, HD MakeUp Application, Film & TV Assessment


For Whom And Why: This course is for every makeup artist who needs practical techniques to apply makeup for film and television (HD). For beginner makeup artists, this is a great opportunity to be prepared for the real thing. For working makeup artists with experience, this course provides an opportunity to learn new techniques and insights. This course takes 35 hours. After this training you are ready for the next makeup challenge!


Professional Course 2: Module 4 High Fashion Makeup Course


Work As A Makeup Artist At Photo Shoots


In our High Fashion Make-up Trends, you will learn the techniques of professional makeup artists in the media world. You will have a hands-on approach where you will practice and simulate real photo shoots. During this training you will get to show your creativity and develop your attention to detail.


Print Unit: Attention To Detail


The print unit is the first part of this training and is designed to give you a better understanding of makeup in print and advertising. Makeup during photography is seen as a snapshot. Art directors and beauty editors often use photo retouching and although it seems retouching is a solution for many things, it is your job as a makeup artist to keep that to a minimum. Therefore, your job is extremely important. You should always aim to obtain a perfect makeup, so there is little or nothing to change in the picture.


Fashion Unit: Creative Makeup

Fashion unit is one of the most creative units and allows you, as a makeup artist, to really be creative with your makeup designs. You will create visually stunning makeup that can be 100% corrective or natural day makeup. However, the combination of eye shadow, cheeks and lips, allows you to be a lot more colorful and avant-garde.


High Fashion Makeup Highlights: Makeup for Photography, Photo Shoot Reviews, Makeup for Photography Application, Fashion Makeup, Working in the Studio, Fashion Makeup Application, Simulated Photo Shoots, Practical Assessment.

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