Professional Course 2 Advanced Makeup Modules

This course is designed for individuals who are Level 1 Certified.

If you have not undergone Level 1, you cannot take these advanced courses unless equivalency examination is passed.

Professional Course 2: Module 1 Airbrush

A Premiere Way Of Applying Makeup.


Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying makeup. In this course, the airbrush is demystified. You are taught how to use and properly maintain it. In addition, you will study the techniques necessary to do beautiful, flawless beauty makeup. Learn the techniques that are being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients. This course consists of 35 clock hours. The airbrush class is the first specialization course in the Level 2 Series. Airbrushing has become increasingly popular for film and TV work as well as bridal makeup because of its flawless finish and durability. 


Airbrush Makeup Highlights: Paper Exercises, Breakdown and Maintenance, Base Matching, Highlight and Shadow, Cheeks, Stencils, Complete Beauty Makeup, Practical Assessment


For Whom And Why: Our Airbrush course is for anyone who wishes to enhance and broaden their knowledge of makeup. A basic cosmetology course (or equivalent experience) is, however, a must to participate in this training. Students without a Level 1 Certificate will have to pass an examination before enrolling. Not sure whether this make-up course is suitable for you? Please contact us and make an appointment for a personal consultation with one of our teachers.

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