Professional Course 1 

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This course is designed as an introduction to beauty makeup with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multifaceted industry. Regardless of which areas of makeup you intend to work in, the mastery of full corrective beauty makeup is a must. In this course you will start to think like an artist and learn the importance of how light and shade affect makeup. You will learn the basics of facial analysis, color theory, cosmetic hygiene, techniques in base matching, correction, highlight and shadow,  eyes and lips. The course finishes with complete makeup applications of full corrective natural makeup.


This course is 84 clock hours. If you want to work in the makeup industry, this training course is what you need.

Highlights of the Professional Course: Professionalism, The Grey Scale, Facial Analysis, Cosmetic Hygiene, Base Theory and Application, Corrective Theory, Highlight and Shadow, Eye Shadow Theory and Application, Lips, Cheeks, Eyeliner Theory and Application, Eyebrow Theory and Application, Eyelash Application, Written Assessment, Practical Assessment

For Whom And Why: Anyone who wants intensive training in beauty makeup in a nurturing and creative environment can join our professional studio classes. Beginners and professionals are welcome. No experience is necessary, but a passion for make up is a must. Doing makeup the  MUD way makes the difference.  After this course you will be ready for Level 2.

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