Workshop FAQs Answered


If I attend the Workshop, will I be given a certificate and consider myself already a makeup professional?

No. The workshops are self-improvement classes designed to teach individuals how to apply their own makeup or fix their hair. A Certificate of Attendance will be given. This will not qualify you to be a makeup professional. To be one, you have to take our Level 1 and 2 courses where globally-recognized certificates issued by our Los Angeles, USA campus will be given.

If i take this workshop, does it mean I can already do advance professional courses like Level 2?

No. You need to take the Level 1 Beauty Essentials course to take the Level 2 courses. The workshops are designed to be self-improvement and are not for professional applications.

How long will each workshop take?

Approximately around 3.5 hours per session. The cost of each session is indicated in the workshop description. Note that these workshops are designed for self-improvement and are different from the professional courses.

What is the difference between the workshop and the professional courses?

Workshops are self improvement classes and are not credited for professional courses. The professional courses are intended for those who want to become professional makeup artists. Only professional course graduates are given globally-recognized certificates which are issued by our Los Angeles, USA campus and signed by the USA education director.

How do I pay for the workshop?

We will advise you when and where you can do a bank transfer once you’ve registered. Payment in full is needed before the workshop to confirm your slot. Note that the classes have limited seats available. First come, first served.

Will you have MUD products available for me to buy using my GCs?

Yes. We will have a display of products at a first-come, first-served basis. As we are in transition and moving to a more permanent space in June, we have limited displays. If in case you don’t get to use the GC during the workshops, the validity of GCs is 6 months.

Can I enroll in several classes?

Yes. Of course you can and if you do, you will get a 10% discount on your total cost of classes.

Will you serve meals and drinks during the classes?

No. Our courses will only take 3.5 hours per workshop, so we don’t see the need to take breaks other than nature or water breaks.

Do I bring my own makeup for the workshop?

Yes. Please bring what you have. For confirmed workshop attendees, we will send you a checklist of what to bring depending on the workshop module that you enrolled in. If your plan is to buy from us, please email us in advance if you want us to assemble a kit based on your workshop module.

Do I need a model?

No. Models are used for the professional studio courses. Since workshops are intended for self-improvement, models are not required.

Can I have a chaperone with me inside the classroom during the workshop?

No. The classroom will only accommodate enrollees only. Chaperones can wait outside or in a designated area of the school.

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